Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Tides of Men...

Coming from a small town, I am not very accustomed to being asked out on dates. This week I have probably had more requests, though through Adam4Adam, then I get in a year back in Erie. Now, some men you meet them, and they go into one of 3 categories.
For Example:
Kris: Works up in Summerlin in a banking facility. Cute, dorky (His words)! Category - Friends...
Just telling someone you want to be just friends can be scary enough, but I truly feel that this type of person has a connection different than others. Friends are a vibe without sexual desire. They just are, nothing beyond. I am in a new city, without a job... I can not be going off and dating tons of men! But Kris is cool! Gonna hang out with him later tonight again!

Brandon: Works up at the air force base. Cute, Masculine, Assertive. Category - Dating.
Monday night was officially my first date in Las Vegas. I went over to his place and he made me dinner. Grilled Chicken with potatoes and green beans. Great meal! He is a really good cook! Afterwards we went for ice cream. I promised Carrie I wouldn't have sex with him, and I stuck to my guns! We might have fooled around a bit, but it was all in good play! Would I see him again? I can not be certain... I would like to do dinner again, maybe once I have a job! He might not want the same, but time will tell!

And the last Category - No! Men who I just plain ol' say no too! But, in the spirit of trying to be a new person, I have dedicated myself to being much more truthful then I have been! So, I will inform the ones who go in the No Category, that I am not interested. How many times I have laid in bed wondering if I am a No, Friends, or Dating kind of person. By being upfront and truthful, I hope to alleviate that stress that maybe put onto others!

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