Thursday, August 6, 2009

Socially connected!

Social networking... The event of mingling with people you hardly know to try and get resources for things you want. It has become known to me that maybe, in order to get a good job, I should put myself out there and utilize social networking. Kris, one of the men I met the other night, knows many people, so he might be able to introduce me to someone who will present me with an opportunity. Needless to say, he is turning out to be a good friend, so his resources are only for business purposes only, I do enjoy hanging out with him. But, in the land of the new, connections can get you anywhere. In PA, it was such a small town that social networking really didn't work too well, for everyone knew everyone, and resources were not a needed... resource! So here's to trying to social network. Things will be differ ant here in Vegas. I will be more personable, more open to friendships, more charming! Off to see Kris!!!

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