Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Zen of us!

So, to continue, I have been seeing someone. His name is Manny, and he has been great to me. Almost 6 months now. Longest actual meaningful relationship I've really ever had. Its made me realize why kinds of issues i have with dating, and long term commitment. Apparently I have many issues! But he has helped me work through them, and is still helping me!

The other night, we had a wonderful night out. We went down to Mandarin Oriental down on the Strip. We first went into the Mandarin Bar, on the 23rd floor. It was kind of slow in there, which meant we got an amazing two seater at at the window. It looked out onto the entire strip! Sometimes, when you live here, you kind of forget where you live, until your in a place like this! It was the most elegant thing i have done to date!

To start, we each chose a drink. I started with the Vanilla Skyline. It was a Champagne drink with strawberries and hennessy black. Manny started with an Easter Drop. It had Lemon Grass tea and Belvedere Citrus. They were both very good! So good, we got another round of drinks! I got the Passion Fruit Sour, which was very sweet. Manny got a Side Car. With these drinks we also tried a few appetizers.

After our drinks and appetizers, we headed down to MOzen. Thai restaurant offers many oriental dishes all in one place. I ordered the Murgh Makhani, which was a red curry meal with chicken. Manny ordered the Thai Green Curry with Prawns. Both we the best food, i swear, i have ever had! We were given different types of Naan, and also some more drinks. It was so amazing, we experienced food coma!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stripper Karaoke

Tonight we are at the Hustler Club, doing Karaoke with Sheila! I have already sang" Speechless" by lady gay gay! And I am planning on singing" how many licks" and some "circus"! We got free bottle service with 6+ people, so a fun night here we come!
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The Excuse

Most people would try and create excuses as to why they have stopped posting, or talking to friends. Well... That's what I am about to do! I seeing someone!!! I have been in a relationship since the end of February. Well, he wants to make the official date March 1st, but my credit card statement says the end of Feb!

Here's the low down: He's a master level chef, and he's older! 38 now. 2 dogs, 2 cars, his own place, and loves my friends. When i had officially decided to not date anymore, it was when he showed up.

For all those years, people would say, "It's when your not looking that you find the right one!" In the back of my head, I would think, "I wonder what would happen if I had a sledge hammer right now..." But, I swear, it's true! And it was so weird, all of the sudden, being a 'We' and an 'Us'. To say, "No, I'm sorry. I'm with someone." When someone hits on me. Of course, that came along with the fact that I was actually being hit on more than once a month. And, on that note, when your actually with someone, people flock to you and hit on you! Its like there is a waiting room to my heart, when its closed! Again, weird to say, "no, go away" for the first time in my life.

But, there is my reason. And I'd like to say I'd post more often, but I can't actually say. Tonite is stripper Karaoke at the Hustler Club with the friends. Maybe I'll post from there!