Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Excuse

Most people would try and create excuses as to why they have stopped posting, or talking to friends. Well... That's what I am about to do! I seeing someone!!! I have been in a relationship since the end of February. Well, he wants to make the official date March 1st, but my credit card statement says the end of Feb!

Here's the low down: He's a master level chef, and he's older! 38 now. 2 dogs, 2 cars, his own place, and loves my friends. When i had officially decided to not date anymore, it was when he showed up.

For all those years, people would say, "It's when your not looking that you find the right one!" In the back of my head, I would think, "I wonder what would happen if I had a sledge hammer right now..." But, I swear, it's true! And it was so weird, all of the sudden, being a 'We' and an 'Us'. To say, "No, I'm sorry. I'm with someone." When someone hits on me. Of course, that came along with the fact that I was actually being hit on more than once a month. And, on that note, when your actually with someone, people flock to you and hit on you! Its like there is a waiting room to my heart, when its closed! Again, weird to say, "no, go away" for the first time in my life.

But, there is my reason. And I'd like to say I'd post more often, but I can't actually say. Tonite is stripper Karaoke at the Hustler Club with the friends. Maybe I'll post from there!

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