Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The face of Change

Some times, you can't help but allow a life altering change to reignite a few passions of your own! Back in PA, I had sworn off dating for a quite a while. After my last ex (Carrie likes to state that he was not my ex, for we were only together for about 2 weeks) had pulled the good Ole' "Lets take a break" move on me, I had decided that me and dating were to take a break as well. I'll admit it, I suck at dating. It seems as though the rules of the game had passed me by sometime during high school. Being the only homo I knew of in my entire school did not help much. When planning the move to Vegas, my original intent was to stay dateless for while. Get settled, meet some friends; That's all I set out to do. It seems as though dating had different plans.

Enter Brandon. Within days of moving here, I already had my first date with him. Again, he made dinner, we had ice cream, we talked. At the current moment, he is playing the distance game. I'm not sure if he is just not interested, or just busy. With my new life and new personal rules of dating in mind, I must commit to my mindfulness: If he isn't interested, bow down. And so, that is what I will do. Why try to keep someones interest what it isn't present to begin with? I could be wrong, and he could just be busy with work and life. If he truly is interested, he will make his intentions known, and I will move on from there.

But, in the mean time... Enter Peter... Back story:
Upon moving to Vegas I had met a few friends. Kris and I have become friends quickly, and he has shown me many places and things to do here that were not available to me back in PA. I thank him every time he shows me something new. Through him, I met a few other friends. He introduced me to a few people at Towne Square, and the other night I met him at Freezone for Karaoke. I had a blast, making fun of the people singing, and also singing along ourselves! I got a few numbers that night from the girls who were with him, and I am excited to know that I am making friends as I go. But, I digress. That night I went to Pirahna to meet Marc, another man I have been talking to on Adam4Adam. We are just friends as well, but I wanted to officially make an introduction. Needless to say, we never got to see each other at Pirahna. Its very dark in one side of the bar, so seeing people can be difficult. While at Pirahna, I met Peter. He was friends with the girls I was with as well. We hung out with Peter for a while, and later in the night the girls left me. I was quite fine with this, being that I was with Peter. Now, Peter seemed friendly at first, but I never thought he liked me. By around 3:30, I was getting tired of dancing and so was Peter, so we decided to leave. As we were talking back to our cars, I thanked Peter for hanging out with me. What can I say... I must be polite! But the best was yet to come. Amidst our talking, Peter had made his intention known that he liked me. After some awkward moments strewn between flirting, Peter and I kissed. He is a very good kisser, I must admit. That's as far as our play time went. We traded phone numbers, and I would really like to get to know him more. No dates have been set, but I'm hoping something gets worked out soon. He seems like a really nice guy...

I tried to break up with dating, but dating refused to go... Should I get a restraining order?

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