Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thoughtful Moments

Sometimes when change happens and forces us to face that which we decided not to do, we must look at our situation with critical vision. This week seems to be a slow one for me dating wise. Only two. One was at Sunset Station, were me and Bob chose to eat at Guadalajara, and then we Bowled. I was fun actually! Slippery shoes, a beer, and a good night kiss! Seems kinda dull but it worked.

But, another aspect of Vegas is stating to happen. I am making friends... Friday night after the date with Bob I met up with Kris and we headed to the Escape Lounge. There, we met up with other friends, Paco, Spunky, Greg, Derek, and Norman. It was very relaxing to actually just be hanging out with guy friends. In Erie, this didn't happen. It seems that Erie was so against being a community, that they segregated themselves. I mention Paco here because he truly is so funny and great! I feel bad for the man because he went on a bad date. But, tonight Carrie and I are meeting up with everyone to go out to 8 1/2 Pirahna! Making friends seems to be the safest bet here in Vegas, and I'm glad I have found the ones I have!

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