Thursday, September 3, 2009

One month down!

Time is a funny thing: sometimes it feels like time has stopped all together, capturing you in a moment that can either be amazing, or heartbreaking. Writers utilize this time moment all the time, explaining that time seems to have stand still all together. Other times, time seems to speed up, like a race to the finish. These moments usually happen when we are late for work, and no matter what, that clock seems to start counting the minutes faster and faster! Time is a funny thing...

Its been a month since me and Carrie have moved here to Vegas! It seems much longer than a month has passed since we woke up that Thursday morning, shed some tears and goodbyes, and set out on our voyage. Its difficult to realize that within this past month, I have made new friends, had two jobs, and met several met on dates. How does one truly capture a new life and a new start within a month? My old life seems so far way now. The Credit Union, my friends, my family. Simple things here that are taken for granted seem to overshadow life back east, like weather, and the ability to get any food you desire by just going out your door!

Last night Carrie and I called on some friends to celebrate our one month anniversary at a local bar. A few friends bailed, as expected, but a few did show up! It was nice to have a place to go to hang out with friends, and just be relaxed. When driving home, we discussed that we absolutely love it here in Vegas. Everything in the world you could possibly want is here in Vegas, even New York City! (Or a smaller replica of it!). How could people not love it here!?

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