Thursday, September 24, 2009

House Hife

Living in the city has definitely opened new eyes and life the party that s my life. To this point, I have never truly gone through the college "party" phase. While in Olean, I definitely did my small share of drinking. I remember one night, walking home from the bar drunk. At a stoplight, as I waited to cross, a cop car pulled up and stopped. My signal was given, and I was forced to cross the street, drunk, in front of this cop car. That was quite a task, I must say. Other nights I would fall asleep after throwing up what looked like coffee grounds. But those nights were very few and far between. Being here in Vegas has somewhat re-opened that door. Back in Corry, I feared going out to the small town bar. Homosexuality really is not looked at very highly back home. Here, I can go out and have a good night out with friends, which is so different and exciting at the same time, although this time, no throwing up!

This past weekend brought about some discussion with Paco. He made a joke about being a house wife, and in jest, I played along. We joked about in all night, but it brought back memories of my time in Olean, again. After two years of being with bob, I felt as if I was his house wife. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of me cooking everything the way his family wanted it. He would tell me if I could go out or not, my money was his. He was controlling, and sometimes mentally abusive. Sometimes even the smallest conversation about house wives can bring back memories. It all reminds me why I have made the choices I have in my life after moving home. School was a necessity, so I would never need to depend on a man to get anything. My family has actually gotten to the point that they don't know what to get me for my birthday or Yule. If I want something, I buy it! The time in Olean has also made me more independent, maybe a bit bitter as well! I also strived to have my own car, my own insurance, my own phone. Olean just opened my eyes that love doesn't mean fully handing over your life. I don't need a man to buy me stuff, ill do it myself!

Hopefully Vegas will present some opportunities to fully explore the ability of love to be enhancing, not controlling. Until then, I continue my new life! I am having so much fun, and I can't imagine my life not in Vegas!

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