Monday, November 23, 2009

From the ashes!

The fire quickly burned out, in a flash of white light and orange sunset, leaving a small pile of ash. Like snow, ash drifted softly in the air, remembering that which once existed. Caught in a moment of solitude, an awakening begins to happen. A movement here, a shift in dust there. Slowly, the pile of ash seems to move, giving life to this seemingly dead place. An eruption, and from the ashes comes a new being. As if same as before, but completely changed, this new being braves the new world with eager eyes and mind.

Life here in Vegas has definitely been an awakening and a renewal. I can hardly imagine my life almost 4 months ago in Corry. I remember the house. My bed, which I do miss; The girls at the Credit Union. But looking at it all, that's about all I miss.. Life here in the city is a great show of endless events. The only drawback of which I see so far is my job. The pay could be better, and it seems to be messing with my schooling and dating life! So, now on to the good stuff!

After Paco and I sort of went our separate ways, my dating life kinda stopped! I took some much needed time for myself. For some reason, I just couldn't get my mind back to being single. Its not like me and Paco were official, or got too serious. But in the grand scheme of Vegas, it was serious for me. Upon moving here, I decided to not do any serious dating, and just sort of have some fun. Some of my friends, or now old friends, made me feel like a whore of some sort for doing this. They would gesture that for me, dating was a sport, and I would be sleeping with many men. In all actuallity, I hadn't slept with anyone upon moving to Vegas. It took about 2 1/2 months before I finally gave in, and had sex.

The occurrence of Paco and the possibility of something more serious prompted an end to my dating sport, and I had to focus and maintain myself with just one person. Tho it only lasted 2 weeks, emotions can chance. From that point, it was hard for me to just jump back into the sport again. I just didn't have it in me. Add the fact that my job now has me working nights from 3:30 to 11:30 normally Monday through Friday doesn't help the situation. But, I think slowly I am getting back on the horse. I have began seeing Bob again, even though I sorta stopped trying to date. It is weird; I decided to stop dating, and all of the sudden, someone comes back into my life. And so, for now, I feel I have risen from the ashes and restarted, or I hope I have. I am taking it slow with Bob. No sex yet, which is partly by choice and by design. I went and got my STD testing done, and must wait till Monday for the results... So, for now I take it slow. Maybe this time around I'll learn how to actually do this thing called dating!

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