Friday, December 11, 2009

Who knew that within a short amount of time, thing could change so quickly?! As i mentioned before, I started to talk to Bob again. I came to find out that he had been thinking about me lately. Maybe my desire to speak to him again was a direct reaction to him thinking about me, like some sort of mind connection! Last time that I spoke to him, he had mentioned that when dating, he makes it a point to not speak to his ex's or men he dated ever again, so to my suprise, he responded to my text. Greatfully, I accepted his invitation to a dinner party for a girl he worked with, and the rest his history! We have been together for two weeks, and each time I see him, things just get better!
Last weekend, we went to go see The Blue Man Group! It turned out to be a pretty nice show at the Venitian! We also went and danced at Krave saturday night, which was pretty nice as well! This weekend, we will be attending the Train concert at Ceasars Palace, which appearantly is part of one of the local radio stations Christmas celebrations here in Vegas! We will also go shopping at Towne Square, where I hope to get some sushi! Everytime I see him I smile, and it is so unexpected... I had given up, and was done. I was sure dating was not for me for a while now, and contacted Bob on a whim, and I am happy I did! So heres to my sudden turn around, and heres to amazing friends to go with it! Life in the city, awesome!

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