Friday, August 7, 2009

The kiss of death!

The grand ritual of dating has gone on for many years. It has seen evolution, the likes that have bypass human understanding. I have decided to take on some new rules while being here in the new city, and while trying to set up a new life. I am going to try the age Ole' trick of waiting. Playing the game out and seeing if the man is truly "Man enough" to be my man. I will admit it, I like my man to be assertive, confident, maybe a little cocky. This leads me to the current events. Tonight I had the pleasure of hanging out with Brandon again, the one from the Air force Base. He invited me to come with him while he checked out a new apartment. He is seeking a new place with a room mate, claiming he can't afford his current place. So, I agreed and headed over to his place.

The drive was about 30 minutes to the apartment, and the same back. He really didn't like what he saw, but told the guy he would call him. On the way back, Brandon mentioned going to the East side Cannery to play some blackjack, so that is what we did! We were there for about half an hour. I think we seemed to interact OK. He was quite intrigued to find out I had categories of men, and wanted to know what category he was in. I did not give him this information right off the bat, I just let it go. Afterwards, I we were back in his parking lot, and I was at my car, saying goodbye. Now, it has been known to me that there should be a goodnight kiss at the end of a date.... So, like usual, I eagerly waited this kiss. Brandon approached me, and we had a small bit of friendly banter. A chuckle here, a giggle there... Still, I waited on baited breath. Will he kiss me, or not? And to my dismay... It was a not... All I got was a friendly hug. If a man so interested in what category I am, and even informed me that he was interested in me, is so interested... Why didn't he kiss me?

Now, one must analyze the situation fully, and being a true Gemini, I always analyze. Quickly my mind went to work. Does he like me? He mentioned other men he was talking too, was this a ploy to see how I felt? Maybe he isn't interested... So, I decided to text him, and informed him his category was Dating. He seemed to like that. So, daring as I am, I informed him that this category might change since I did not receive my goodnight kiss. Two can play the mind game. He responded that he can not give all of his goodness at once........... WTF does that mean?! This man truly knows how to play the game. And I, being an armature, am completely befuddled. Time will tell. But, it does beg the question: Is the lack of a goodnight kiss really just the Kiss of Death?! Until next time!

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