Monday, July 6, 2009

The tides of change.

Every story is the same; Somehow, you just knew you were different than anyone else. Realizing your gay can be hard, but being gay in a small town can be worse. In high school, the boys would make fun of me, calling me names and making me feel lower then them. I would date girls just to try and cover up the fact that I was gay. I promised myself that on graduation day, I would come out of the closet, and be free! To my own self i was true. I threw my cap into the air, and out I came.

I always felt that my experience with discrimination really did not go too far. One time when I working at a video store, some guys walked in and called me a fag. That was really the full extent of my worse experience. At least from the straight world. Now, the gay world is different. Seems like everyone is out to judge and discriminate each other. The daddies don't like the twinks, the jocks don't like the queens, the fit don't like the chubs, vanilla doesn't like the leather. No matter who you are, some group doesn't like you. I had always thought that since I was gay, anyone who was gay would like me, no matter what. Even if it was just as friends, gay men should like gay men!

When I started going out to the clubs and hanging out with men, I slowly saw a split happening. No one likes anyone else in the gay world! I'm hoping this perception is only one that exists in the Erie area. I own this fact to the lack of sun. They say that people who see sun more then rain are happier people. Maybe Vegas will offer happier homo's. Happier homo's make happier groups, and maybe less discrimination!

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