Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The distance of the heart!

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.... I wonder, does always have to involve a person? For the last two weeks since we have known about our move to Las Vegas, I have been hanging out in the Las Vegas section of Adam4Adam. I have also updated my profiles on Manhunt and soon to be Recon. Since I changed over, I have been in constant communication with someone in Las Vegas. Every night is filled with discussions about 'What are you into?' and 'What do you like most about Vegas?'. This is an amazing transition from the Erie area gay community. I could spend hours in the Erie chat room on Gay.com and never even talk to anyone. Same goes with Adam4Adam and Manhunt. This only makes me want to make the move happen even sooner! Somehow I feel wanted already. Why is it that a move such as this can make all the difference? Remember back in high school when you would try to hang out with the popular kids just to look better? It was called hot by association. I wonder if that works in location proximity. I will become hot by location association!

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