Sunday, July 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

In every life, there are great and grand decisions that must be made. Do I pick the red one, or the blue one? Trade it in, or pay it off? 2 pairs of the jeans that fit, or 1 pair of sandals you just can't live without...? Moving to Vegas has definitely created some new decisions. Which jeans do I take. Which shirts do I get rid of? A gay man never truly knows how vast his closet is until its time to weed it out. Shirt after shirt, slacks after slacks, I have slowly rid my closet of clothing that I don't wear or use anymore. My general theory: If I say, 'I might wear it', that means I won't. So, do the donation bag it goes! But its hard when you have so many cloths you wear, and have created so many nice outfits from them! Its also memory lane in a way. Oh look, my green sweater vest.... I remember the first time I wore that to work, everyone said i looked great! Over time I paired it up with pink ties, numerous colors of button up shirts, and I even sported the good Ole' white tee shirt with it (Every man should try this. Sometimes is amazing what makes a man look hot!)! Oh, my french cuff pinstripe shirt... How fancy I felt wearing it. All these cloths and I literally have to choose which ones to take and which ones to not?! That's like asking which child is your favorite (Its always the oldest...)! No gay man alive can take that trip down clothing lane and truly come out without tears! But, alas, I must do what I have to do. Packing your life into 4 boxes can be tough.

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