Sunday, January 31, 2010

Night Out

Friday night, and its out on the town we go! 8 1/2 Piranha is our destination tonight. Our friend Steven got us a VIP room! The text message that we all got says open bar till 12, so let’s hope we make it! The night started out at the home of the famous Devin Danger, who hosted tonight’s theme dinner, Tapas’. I made Empanadas, which could have used more salt. Next week we all plan to get together for Super Bowl Sunday, and enjoy friends, booze, and football!

In other words, Bob and I have been dating for almost R months now. I am starting to get scared. I've never been in a relationship for this long where things are just, normal. We don't fight, things just kind of flow and work. Last night I was laying in bed almost freaking out, and I realized... I have never passed the point of infatuation with everyone. I don't know what to do, or how to act. He probably thinks I am some sort of emotional freak... I sort of feel like one. Not sure what to do, just hold on and try to get through it without chasing him away...

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